Water Line Leak Detection

Unfortunately, leaks happen with out notice. Since water damage can occur, immediate leak detection is a necessity to prevent major damage. At Hukill's Leak Detection we provide fast and efficient service. There are many types of plumbing leaks. From leaky pipes under and in homes to leaks in Slabs, Drive ways and roads. Because plumbing leaks don’t wait to happen Monday – Friday 8 to 5, we offer emergency leak detection services.


Most pipes leaking underground vibrate the earth around it. This vibration is picked up by the sensor of the ground microphone and converted into a sound signal. With many years of acoustic sounding experience this very effective aproach on locating hard to find leaks.

Tracer Gas

Sometimes it is not possible to use acoustics due to:

  • noisy environment
  • depth of pipe
  • size of leak

In these circumstances we will replace the water in the pipe with an inert gas. The gas will escape from the break in the pipe and rise to the surface where it is detected using the trace gas "sniffer" unit.