Camera & Video Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is when visual confirmation is required of a buried pipe suspect of having obstructions or structural issues such as, disconnected fittings, cracks, or penetrating roots. Conversely, this method can be used to provide visual confirmation that a pipe is free of obstructions and/or structural damage.

The Inspection Process

This process is done via camera snake. The camera snake has a fiberglass feed equipped with a high resolution color camera. The video is outputted to a monitor providing a clear visual of the pipe in question. A DVD or digital media file of the inspection can be produced upon request.

Video pipe inspection services on any accessible pipes, manholes, vaults, inlets, tanks, separators or other underground structures. This includes all sizes of sewer, storm water, monitoring wells or any other pipes where visual inspection is necessary. The length of the inspection can be as much as 300’ feet in either direction depending on diameter, elbows, sweep or other conditions. Video Pipe Inspections are commonly used to determine breaks, blockages, condition, laterals, and other critical data that can not be obtained from the surface.

About Leak Detection

There are many good reasons to have our professionals check for water leaks such as avoiding property damage, reducing your operating costs, account for noticeable water losses and to avoid serious line breaks.

Leaks most commonly occur in older properties. However, newer properties experience problems as well. Factors such as severe climate changes, soil conditions and ground movement and even poor construction can contribute to unexpected pipe damage which, if left undetected can have detrimental and potentially costly side-effects.

Conducting a leak detection survey generally involves a primary survey and secondary survey. The primary survey investigates a suspect section of the pipe system. The secondary survey pinpoints or discounts potential leakage spots identified in the primary survey. This survery must systematically check the whole system. Locating water leaks in pipes used to mean messy exploratory digging that was time consuming and expensive. Our trained personnel use the most modern equipment and techniques to locate potential and actual problems quickly and therefore cost-effectively.

Video inspection of sewer and drain lines has become a standard in the plumbing industry. Hukill's leak detection can provide video Inspection service at reasonable rates. Incorporating video inspection service can provide better explanation and accuracy of diagnosis.

What We Do

Leak detection is a necessary and vital component to water systems. Accurate determination of the position of leaking water pipes within a supply system and subsequent repair serves to save money and conserve water as well as energy. Water that is lost is money and energy wasted.

Our Mission

Leak & Line Detection is an integral part of Hukill's leak detection business. We will exhaust every effort to provide you an accurate and educated diagnosis. State of the art equipment and years of experience will find that water leak indoors or out. We pride ourselves on our accuracy to minimize collateral damages.

Our Promise

At times problems with drain systems or draft problems can create sewer odors in a building. Hukill's Leak Detection has the experience and equipment and products to locate the source and remedy the cause. Pipe leak detection is a specialty of ours!